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Trump Is Getting Roasted After Being Caught Quietly Slurring Words Into A Hot Mic During His Press Briefing

During a White House press briefing on Monday, April 27, President Donald Trump was caught saying something pretty strange into a hot mic just as Fox News cut to him.

This was the President's first press briefing since last Thursday, when he sparked national ridicule by claiming injecting disinfectants might help cure the viral pathogen behind the global pandemic. Though the White House previously said there would be no press conference on Monday, the President, at some point, reversed course.

Just before the briefing began, however, Trump spoke into a hot mic as cameras cut to him. Though many speculate he was saying either "hello everybody" or "I love everybody," his words were so garbled it was difficult for most to tell.

Many used Trump's notably slurred speech to make a joke about his "cure" for the virus.

Countless Americans, viewing the clip, were concerned about the President's strange lack of articulation.

This incident wasn't the only time that day Trump had some difficulty enunciating.

Twitter users were placing bets as to what the President actually said to the gathered press.

Others were skeptical about the President's wellbeing.

President Trump certainly knows all the best words.

Though, at the end of the day, Trump slurring his words while greeting the press makes very little difference compared to some of his more notable mistakes. It's certainly a fascinating puzzle piece in the strange, unintelligible jumble that is the 45th President.

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