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Trump Roasted After Somehow Mispronouncing 'Beyoncé' While Attacking Her For Supporting Biden

Alex Wong/Getty Images; Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

With mere days left in the most consequential election of his life, President Donald Trump made a final pitch to voters that he believed would make all the difference.

During one of his final rallies before election day, the President lashed out at Beyoncé, one of the country's most popular musical artists, for her support of Joe Biden.

Worse still, he egregiously mispronounced her name, calling the singer "Beyonsee."

It's hard to believe the President thinks that this will be a compelling closing argument.

The President went on an entire tear of mispronouncing various celebrity names.

The Queen Bee's fans are famously protective of Beyoncé, and one can't imagine they'll appreciate the President's broadside.

While Beyoncé hasn't responded to the President's attacks, other musicians who the President called out for supporting Joe Biden clapped back on Twitter.

Would it even be a Trump speech without a careless, unbelievably strange mistake?

Joe Biden may not be perfect, but if there's one thing he's never done, it's randomly attack a series of celebrities because they are voting against him.

Americans will decide today whether or not this is the kind of behavior they want from the Commander-in-Chief.