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Resurfaced Video Of Tyra Banks Interviewing Beyoncé Using Puns Of Her Name Has The Internet Cringing

Resurfaced Video Of Tyra Banks Interviewing Beyoncé Using Puns Of Her Name Has The Internet Cringing
Tyra/Warner Bros. Television

Beyoncé has fans being "Crazy in Love" with her all over again following the release of her long-awaited seventh studio album, Renaissance–her first solo project in six years.

Recently, a traffic reporter in Philadelphia went viral after celebrating the new album by paying Bey a tribute by flawlessly name-dropping her songs into her live traffic update.

Her off-the-cuff delivery was a feat that left the internet wildly impressed and amused, including Bey's mom Miss Tina.

But an old resurfaced clip of former supermodel Tyra Banks interviewing Beyoncé proved that not everyone can be as effectively witty as the traffic reporter when referencing Bey.

When the multiple Grammy Award-winning pop diva appeared on The Tyra Banks Show in 2008 to promote her third solo album, I Am… Sasha Fierce, Banks thought pummeling Bey with a series of random pun-filled questions incorporating her namesake rather than inquiring about the new album would be totes fierce.

It wasn't, as fans who came across the vintage clip have expressed.

The Beyhive speculated this was why the singer notoriously remains private and no longer participates in interviews.

Banks sat down with the singer and started things off with a segment called "Beyoncé My Name, Say My Name”–in which she rhymed the first syllable in Beyoncé to ask each question.

"Buy-oncé–when was the last time you bought something in a store?" she first asked in the edited clip, followed by, “Séa-yoncé–If you could communicate with anybody that has passed away, who would it be?”

The hits, or rather misses, kept coming.

“Brie-yoncé–What’s you favourite cheese?”
“Grey-yoncé–When you get older, are you going to dye your hair?”

She also referenced the 2003 American Idol final contestant, Clay Aiken, asking, "Clay-oncé–Have you ever voted on Amerian Idol?"

It didn't end there.

Banks switched things up in the name game, this time incorporating Bey's musical alter ego, Sasha Fierce, into her line of questioning.

These included:

"Slosh-a-Fierce–When was the last time you were a little tipsy?"
“Squash-a Fierce–What sport do you like to play?”
“Wash-a Fierce–Do you sing in the shower?”

A third iteration incorporated the rhyming of Bey's 2008 hit, "If I Were A Boy."

Banks asked, "If I were Tolstoy," followed by, "Can you do a Russian accent?"

There were other examples, but you get the idea.

There were Twitter users who added their own contributions.

The Daily Beast commented on the non-interview interview, saying:

"It’s unclear what Beyoncé was supposed to get out of this whole ordeal."
"It’s not like she could really participate in the joke element."

The media outlet added that as someone with "an unconventional name like Beyoncé," she has been in similar situations being subjected to people either mispronouncing her name or using her moniker as a joke.

Banks has long been criticized for many cringey offenses during her TV career spanning from her days hosting America’s Next Top Model and The Tyra Banks Show.

Recently, Banks and her ANTM panel of judges were in hot water for how they brutally dissected why “plus-sized” contestant Robin Manning wouldn't qualify to be America's next top model. A montage of their harsh critique of Manning's figure went viral on TikTok.