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Trump's Campaign Tried To Mock Kamala Harris' Exit From The Primaries, And She Hit Back Like A Boss

Ethan Miller/Getty Images // MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) sent shockwaves through the nation on Tuesday when she announced the suspension of her 2020 campaign for President, though still vowing to remain in the fight to beat President Donald Trump.

Not everyone was dismayed by the news of her withdrawal.

President Donald Trump, predictably, was gleeful and began to gloat.

But Harris, an expert prosecutor, clapped back with a devastating takedown.

Senator Harris, the former Attorney General of California, sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

If the House of Representatives votes to affirm Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump, as it's expected to do, the President will face trial in the Senate.

In all likelihood, Senator Harris will quite literally see Trump at his trial.

That reality made the Senator's retort all the more delicious.

It was also a foreboding reminder to Trump that Senator Harris is really good at her job.

Harris is currently traveling to thank staff at her campaign headquarters across the country. Here she is dancing with them to Beyoncé's cover of "Before I Let Go."

She seems a lot more unbothered than Trump.

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