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While overseas on a trip to Japan this past weekend, President Trump broke an unspoken rule of statesmanship and attacked his fellow Americans and political opponents while simultaneously praising a brutal dictator.

In a full-on bonkers tweet, Trump came to the defense of North Korea's Kim Jong Un while calling former Vice President Joe Biden a "low IQ individual."


After Americans on both sides of the aisle spoke out against Trump once again seeming to side with dictators over Americans, the President sent out another tweet defending himself:

Trump's explanation didn't hold water with almost anyone.

It's hard not to see how North Korea is using Trump for its own gain, and how Trump is more than willing to go along with it to make a quick political point.

Reading the President's tweets feels like browsing a child's diary.

Many people read the President's "explanation" as what it most likely was: a trolling tweet meant to mock his critics. Because to Trump, siding with a dictator while on foreign soil is a laughing matter.

Prominent political figures, including many 2020 Presidential candidates, spoke out against Trump's words.

It wasn't just Democrats, however. Several Republican lawmakers also denounced Trump's statements.

Joe Biden's team waited until President Trump was back on American soil to respond to his insults.

Trump shouldn't be calling ANYONE low IQ.

All in all, it was a pretty "productive" trip abroad for the President.

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