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Trump Asks For 'Culture Of Respect' In Christmas Message Before Turning Around And Blasting 'Crazy' Nancy Pelosi

Trump Asks For 'Culture Of Respect' In Christmas Message Before Turning Around And Blasting 'Crazy' Nancy Pelosi
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Well Donald Trump was on his best Christmas behavior for about 12 seconds this year.

Then, as on the other 364 days of the year, he took to Twitter and levied insults far and wide according to his whims at the given moment.

This Christmas, we received the gift of illustrated contradiction. In the span of a day, we witnessed the stark difference between Donald Trump's curated statement on the official White House website and the unrestrained, Pelosi-aimed rantings of his personal Twitter account.

The Presidential Christmas Message is a typical move for every President. It usually discusses family, community, the armed services and God. It's a perfect opportunity to please plenty of constituents.

Trump's Christmas Message was no different.

But similar to the vast rift between Trump's written speeches and his sprawling, unplanned press conferences, the statement presents a unique moment in Trump's public behavior.

Later that day, a less official announcement came from the President.

I'll leave it up to you to decide to what extent this "strives to foster a culture of deeper understanding and respect—traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ."

As for Pelosi's take on the Christmas pivot, her Twitter shows her spending no time responding to Trump's latest attack.


But other folks on Twitter did have plenty to say.

The contradiction—and some of Trump's incorrect claims about the impeachment process—did not go unnoticed...

The holiday season, and Trump's celebratory attack on Pelosi and the entire impeachment process, comes during a stalemate in the Congressional response to Trump's attempts to solicit information that would help his own political campaign from the president of Ukraine.

Already impeached by the House, Trump waits for his trial in the Senate as Pelosi waits to turn over the approved Articles of Impeachment to Mitch McConnel, Republican Majority Leader in the Senate until he provides information about the upcoming trial process.


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