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Security Camera Catches Canadian Trucker Protesters Trying To Light Apartment Building On Fire

Security Camera Catches Canadian Trucker Protesters Trying To Light Apartment Building On Fire

Two truckers participating in protests against pandemic protocols in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada were caught by security footage attempting to set fire to an apartment building.

Countless truckers across Canada have been protesting recent mandates requiring them to get Covid-19 vaccines.

This has included blocking a US/Canada border crossing, as well as occupying Canada's capital city of Ottawa, in what has been dubbed the "Freedom Convoy" by fellow anti-vaxxers and right-wing media.

The escalating situation resulted in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau being evacuated from his Ottawa residence amidst concerns for his safety and that of his family.

A number of the protesters in Ottawa were seen waving United States Confederate flags, and have also been caught blocking traffic, lighting fireworks and physically assaulting civilians. The protests have been financially backed by several United States' right-wing anti-vaxxer groups.

But two of these protesters took things to an almost deadly level, by attempting to trap the residents of a nearby apartment building and set the building on fire.

The act was documented by one of the building's tenants, Matias Muñoz, who shared the story in a detailed thread on his Twitter page.

Muñoz revealed security camera footage caught two of the trucker protesters entering the building and setting a package on fire in the building's main entrance which had wood paneling, easily susceptible to flames.

The footage also caught one of these two anti-vaxx protesters taping the door handles of the building's entrance, preventing residents from leaving or entering the building, which Muñoz believed was the most "insidious" element of the terrifying ordeal.

Muñoz would go on to say he believed the protesters were led to do this after residents of the building had begged protesters to stop setting off fireworks or blaring car horns in the early hours of the morning,

One of the building's residents walked by the protesters in the middle of lighting the package. The resident retreated to the building's elevator when the two culprits confessed to being part of the trucker anti-vaxx protests.

As evidenced by further footage, the protesters were successful in lighting the package.

They escaped out a side door of the building after lighting it.

But thankfully, Muñoz reported a nearby pedestrian managed to see the fire while walking by the building and came to the rescue of the tenants.

Muñoz openly expressed his belief this was a planned and coordinated act of revenge by the anti-vaxx protesters.

"It is clear to us, as residents, that this was a blatant reprisal by protesters."
"Not only have they subjected Ottawa residents to widespread harassment, assault, and aggression, but now an attempt to light an entire building on fire."

Muñoz also revealed he was able to obtain the footage thanks to his friendship with the building manager and the tenant who first noticed the arson immediately filed a report.

Muñoz tagged the Ottawa Police, as well as Ottawa's Mayor, Jim Watson, and Ottawa City Councillor Catherine McKenney in his thread, expressing how this incident demanded "an immediate and firm resolution to the convoy's occupation" and "the incident could have ended much worse."

Councillor McKenney responded to Muñoz, saying she had brought it to the attention of the Ottawa police and requested heightened security for the building.

Jim Elves, head of the Ottawa Police Arson Unit, also reached out to Muñoz in hopes of beginning an investigation.

Twitter reacted in horror to the story, with some claiming it was attempted murder or even terrorism.

This barely avoided case of Arson is sadly not an isolated incident amidst the chaos of the "Freedom Convoy."

With sound levels in downtown Ottawa reportedly reaching above 100 decibels or higher at all hours of the day, Ottawa residents have reportedly filed a nearly $10 million class action suit against the organizers of the convoy.

Ottawa police have issued upwards of 450 tickets and made several arrests connected to the protests since Saturday.

The Ottawa police department also revealed in a post to their Facebook page this past Sunday there are over 60 criminal investigations related to the protests underway.

It was also noted in the post "anyone found bringing fuel to the demonstration trucks in the red zone could be subject to arrest and charges."

The Ottawa police also revealed on their Facebook page an investigation against the two arsonists has, indeed, been opened.

They are asking the public for help in identifying the two persons of interest in the incident.

Both of the arsonists in question have yet to be identified.