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Trevor Noah Has A Field Day After Trump Awkwardly Flubs The Name Of His Own Social Media App

Trevor Noah Has A Field Day After Trump Awkwardly Flubs The Name Of His Own Social Media App
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube; Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Daily Show host Trevor Noah had a field day after former Republican President Donald Trump awkwardly flubbed the name of Truth Social, the social media platform his team launched after he was booted from Twitter for peddling disinformation that incited an insurrection at the United States Capitol Building.

Trump touted Truth Social at an Ohio rally on April 24, or at least he attempted to, referring to his own social media platform as "troth, truth, senchal, Truth Social" in remarks evoking the vague specter of "digital tyranny" on American discourse.

You can hear Trump’s stumble here.

The video of Trump's flub spread like wildfire, soon catching the attention of Noah, who laughed as he said Trump had failed at his "one job."

You can hear what he said in the video below.

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Noah said:

“Oh man, oh man. Did this guy just called Truth Social ‘troth senchal?’ What was that?"
"You had one job — one job! It’s your social media platform and you messed up the name?”
"It’s almost like every time Trump speaks, his own mouth stages an insurrection. That’s what happens inside there."

Noah then took aim at Truth Social's success, or lack thereof, saying:

"But yeah, Trump insists that he is not going back to Twitter. He is going to stick with ‘troop socal.’ Which so far, has been a total bust."
"Apparently the app only has 500,000 daily users. And to put it in perspective, Twitter — the thing that it’s supposed to be replacing — has 217 million daily users.”

Noah's remarks struck a chord, and many took to social media to have their own laugh after watching Noah's broadcast.

Others commented on the video of Trump's slip-up directly.

Trump is reportedly "fuming" over the failure of Truth Social, according to a Washington Post report published earlier this month about the consequences of the platform's sluggish rollout.

A source who spoke to the publication said Trump is now considering joining Gettr, a Truth Social competitor that prides itself on its commitment to "the principles of free speech."

Trump apparently does not believe Truth Social is "ready for prime time," the source said and Devin Nunes—the former California Republican Representative who left office to run the app—has thus far failed to assuage Trump's concerns and remained largely silent despite questions from reporters.

Adding to Truth Social's woes is the fact two top executives, Josh Adams, Truth Social's chief technology officer, and Billy Boozer, head of product development, recently quit, both after less than a year on the job. Adams was described as the "brains" behind the app's operation and his departure could spell trouble for its future.