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Trevor Noah Tears Up Saying Goodbye To 'The Daily Show' With Emotional Tribute To Black Women

Noah departed the late-night comedy show on Thursday after serving as host for seven years.

Trevor Noah
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube

After seven years on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah said goodbye.

Last night during his final episode, Noah bid farewell with an emotional tribute, expressing his gratitude for his live audience, for his audience watching at home, the people who "share the clips" and even the haters.

He then gave a "special shoutout" to Black women, crediting his ideas to his mother, grandmother and aunt.

He tearfully shared:

"If you truly want to learn about America, you talk to Black women."
"Because unlike everybody else, Black women can't afford to f**k around and find out."
"Black people understand how hard it is, when things go bad, especially in America, but any place that Black people exist."

Noah continued:

"When things go bad, Black people know that it gets worse for them."
"But Black women, in particular, they know what sh*t is, genuinely."
"If you truly want to know what to do and how to do to Black women."

You can watch his emotional tribute below.

WARNING: NSFW language

Trevor Thanks the Fans & Black Women Who Shaped His Life | The Daily

Twitter said their goodbyes to Noah and echoed his statement.

Noah finished by saying:

"I'm grateful to [Black women], and I'm grateful to you."
"This has been an honor, thank you."