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Tori Spelling Admits She's 'Lucky' To Have Her Vision After Totally Preventable Eye Ulcer

The '90210' star's habit of wearing daily contacts for weeks at a time without ever taking them out could've caused way more damage.

Tori Spelling
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Former Beverly Hills 90210 actress Tori Spelling revealed why she was spotted wearing an eye patch during a recent episode on her 9021OMG podcast with her 90210 co-host Jennie Garth.

The reality star was recently seen sporting a hot pink eye patch at Hotel Ziggy in West Hollywood, California during an event with hairstylist Laura Rugetti.

On Tuesday, after much buzz surrounding the bedazzled eye accessory left many fans concerned if she was okay, an embarrassed Spelling admitted she was dealing with an eye ulcer that could have been preventable.

She said the ulcer was the result of wearing her contacts for too long, adding:

"It’s so silly, it’s my fault, I did this to myself."

The 49-year-old explained:

"So I have contacts, but I wear daily ones, and at the end of the day, kids…whatever…I can make all the excuses I want, I don’t take them out, I sleep in them and it’s not healthy."

Spelling admitted to sometimes wearing the contacts for weeks in a row–which most opticians advise against since not removing contacts at least once a week deprives the cornea of receiving oxygen from the air, leading to complications.

Her constantly wearing contacts–sometimes for "maybe 20 days" straight–resulted in her eye ulcer.

In response to gasps in the room, Spelling said:

"I know you, guys, it’s shaming. I tell my eye doctor, I’m completely transparent."

You can listen to a portion of the podcast here.

Tori Spelling Has An EYE ULCER After Leaving In

Spelling was told she had an eye ulcer on her left eye and was told she was "lucky to get away with it" considering her contact-wearing habits.

She was also told that younger people can get away with neglecting caring for their eyes but not so much when they get older.

It was a hard lesson learned.

Her affliction left fans who have the same habit of sleeping with their eye contacts on suddenly concerned while others shared the consequences of their neglectful habit.

While forgetting to take contacts off at night is a common oversight, your eyes are unlikely to suffer from severe complications.

But if it's a frequent occurrence, it can lead to dry eyes, corneal abrasion, and Keratitis–a condition caused by the inflammation of the cornea.

"I got lucky this time. I’m not going to take it for granted, it’s huge," said Tori, who with her actor husband Dean McDermott share five children together–three sons, Liam Aaron (born March 13, 2007), Finn Davey (born August 30, 2012) and Beau Dean (born March 2, 2017); and two daughters, Stella Doreen (born June 9, 2008) and Hattie Margaret (born October 10, 2011).

"Forget work, but to mom with one eye. Not OK because moms have to literally hear and see everything happening at one time and I cannot."

When her eye heals, Spelling has her sight set on one objective–to switch to using 30-day contacts.

Now that sounds like a good plan.

We hope you recover quickly, Tori!