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'Titans' Has Cast A Deaf And Trans Actor To Play A Key Role In Season 2, And Fans Are Pumped

'Titans' Has Cast A Deaf And Trans Actor To Play A Key Role In Season 2, And Fans Are Pumped
David Livingston/Getty Images // @tyleroakley/Twitter

Here's a win for representation in media:

Chella Man, a deaf and transgender activist and artist, revealed he will be making his acting debut in a key role in Season 2 of Titans, playing the hero Jericho, the son of Deathstroke.

Man took to social media to share the news, saying:

As a trans, deaf, Jewish POC, I have always reminded myself of the power in my differences. It's a dream come true as I will now be able to showcase this power on the Titans.

Man added that Jericho "has always used sign language" because he had his vocal cords "severed by assassins."

As noted by DC Universe:

"Best know [sic] to comics fans as the former Teen Titan Jericho, Joseph has the ability to possess anyone by making eye contact with them. He first appeared in 1984's Tales of the Teen Titans #43, in the midst of the classic "The Judas Contract" storyline, in which the team had its ultimate battle with Deathstroke. The character has appeared before in live-action, in TV's Arrow (in which he was played by Liam Hall), thought [sic] that show's version had more in common with Joseph's violent brother Grant than the gentle Jericho of the comics."

Man was quickly congratulated by his soon-to-be co-star Minka Kelly, who plays Dawn Granger/Dove on the program.

The Transgender Law Center also congratulated him, calling him an "important" addition to the team.

Other fans are just as pumped.

Man has been thanking fans...

...and retweeting them, too.


Representation matters. We can't wait for the new season.