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TikToker Perfectly Roasts Guy Who Lusted Over Her Until He Learned She's Trans—And Yep, That Tracks

TikToker @callowaywiththewind called out the 180 reaction of a man who reached out to say he'd 'never been turned on more' by a photo.

Screensshots from @callowaywiththewind's video

Anyone who has ever been on TikTok knows that you can get a huge variety of entertaining, educational, and interesting content on the social media site. But with such a wide variety of people on there, you are bound to get some content that doesn't interest you.

The average person might just scroll on by.

Unfortunately not everyone thinks this way.

Trans TikToker @callowaywiththewind was just living her best life when a creepy guy hopped onto one of her photos to tell her how attractive she is and how exactly her photo affected his body.

Why do guys do this?

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Upon finding out that she was trans, however, he instantly blocked her.

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In response to this extreme reaction, @callowaywiththewind made a video addressing the transphobic comment.

In the video, @callowaywiththewind talks directly to the creepy man.

"You can't take a boner back."

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You can see the video here:


(Fake body) the 180 was severe #transproblems #transphobicmen

The comments on @callowaywiththewind's video are hilarious.







Others asked the age-old question. Unfortunately, the answer is "creepy men."


The video also eventually found its way to Twitter, where it was an instant hit.

It seems to be the perfect form of irony that homophobic and transphobic men are always so worried that they will be hit on, and this guy did the one thing he fears the most.

Just some words of wisdom, no one wants anyone creeping into their comments or DMs to give explicit unwanted details of how they make you feel.

Hopefully this creep learned his lesson.