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TikToker Dresses As Terrifying Nun From 'The Conjuring' To Scare Her Husband In Hilariously Evil Prank

TikToker @itsdestene_ captured her horrified husband's reaction as she perched atop their bed.

screenshots from TikToker ​@itsdestene

It's become much more common for couples to prank each other. Or maybe it's just more visible since people are posting more on social media.

Either way, the pranks can be really hilarious.

If you have seen the horror movie The Conjuring you know who the nun is. That scene in the movie is, in my opinion, the creepiest scene in the entire film.

It affected viewers so much, that they decided to make an entire movie surrounding the origin of the nun, which in my opinion was not as creepy as that one scene in The Conjuring.

The Conjuring GIFGiphy

One TikToker thought she'd play an evil prank on her husband by dressing up in the nun costume from The Conjuring and perching on top of their bed's headboard to record his reaction.

And it's hilarious!

You can see the video here:


he was absolutely not ready 🤣 #theconjuring #valakthenun #scarytiktoks

You can't fault the man for running.

I would have likely done the same. You can never be too safe, after all.

The comments are just as entertaining as the prank.

Some people mentioned how they would have reacted.

Others expressed they would not find the prank funny.

I can't tell you how I'd react if I walked into my bedroom to see the nun perched on top of my bed, but it would probably include a whole lot of screaming.

How about you?