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Eerie Video About Abandoned Resort Town Filled With Empty Mansions Is Creeping Out TikTok

Eerie Video About Abandoned Resort Town Filled With Empty Mansions Is Creeping Out TikTok

The Indian Ridge resort in Branson, Missouri may have been left abandoned and unfinished 13 years ago, but it's finally having its moment on TikTok.

A viral video from an Arkansas lawyer on the platform shows off the community, filled with giant, half-finished mansions sitting empty at the bottom of a valley—a deeply unsettling, almost menacing sight.

And it's got TikTokers creeped all the way out.

Lawyer Carrie Jernigan posted the video to her TikTok account a couple weeks ago, and it immediately caught people's attention.

Looking at the site, you can sense how it might have been intended to look—enormous, grand mansions meant to look like castles, nestled between wooded hillsides in a quaint little valley. That might have been then, but this is now.

It looks like the setting for a horror movie. You can practically smell the Walking Dead zombies shambling around the McMansions right through your phone screen.

So what happened at Indian Ridge?

The $1.6 billion construction project began in 2006 and was intended to be an upscale, exclusive resort community that would include shopping, a 390-room resort hotel, the country's second-largest indoor water park, a country club, a marina, a Native American history museum and, of course, opulent houses and condominiums.

But when the 2008 financial crisis hit, the development's bank was shut down by federal regulators and the hulking shells of its half-developed houses have sat empty ever since, no doubt harboring a portal to hell or something.

Creepy though it may be, however, Jernigan's fellow TikTokers couldn't help but laugh about the place—and a few even considered joining the monsters lurking in the McMansions.











New developers bought the site in 2015. Then two years later a whole slew of people connected with the development went to jail, so it seems like Indian Ridge might remain the stuff of nightmares for years to come.