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The Memes About Jeff Sessions' Resignation Are Definitely The Best Part Of This Mess


Midterms this year have been intense. We have no idea when politics went all Hunger Games, but wow. Florida is a mess, Nevada elected a dead person, Democrats took the house, and history-making appointments are happening everywhere. On top of all of this, Trump forced the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The resignation - which Sessions acknowledged was something Trump asked for - could be just the thing to block any investigation into 45. Trump thanked Sessions for his service and appointed an acting Attorney General, saying a permanent replacement for Sessions would be elected "later" - a move plenty of people believe was unconstitutional. It's possible that Sessions' removal could trigger all sorts of political upheaval.

But we know what Twitter really cares about - and what you're here for - the jokes. So many jokes. So here, for your entertainment and to keep your mind off of the political apocalypse we're not-so-gently leaning on, we present a sampling of some of Twitter's finest trash-talking.

Elf Jokes? Psh you better believe we got Elf jokes.

*snerk* The phrase "Bilbo Bigot" is our new favorite thing.

Jabs about him being racist were in no short supply.

Freestyle Round!

Everyone's thinking it.

H/T: Twitter, Indy100