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The Cast Of 'My Best Friend's Wedding' Just Met For A Reunion Over 20 Years Later, And Now We Feel Old

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The year was 1997.

Star Wars released their "special edition" to fans' ire.

Titanic would become a monster hit before the end of the year.

And My Best Friend's Wedding would cement its place in rom-com history.

The film's enduring legacy caused many to get misty eyed when the cast reunited for the film twenty years later.

The reunion was thanks to an Entertainment Weekly issue about romantic comedies. Julia Roberts and Dermot Mulroney, close friends in real life, enjoyed catching up with Rupert Everett and Cameron Diaz.

In My Best Friend's Wedding, Julianne Potter (Roberts) receives a call from her friend Michael O'Neal (Mulroney). The two made a pact in college to marry each other if they weren't married by 28.

But Michael is calling to tell her he's getting married to Kimmy Wallace (Diaz). Julianne realizes she's in love with Michael and with the help of her friend George (Everett), goes to try and break up the wedding.

The catch? While she may be the protagonist, Julianne is the villain of the story working to break up a perfectly fine couple.

I love this movie.

Entertainment Weekly brought the cast together as part of a special on romantic comedies. They included other stories on When Harry Met Sally and Four Weddings and a Funeral.

The interview with director P.J. Hogan revealed his thoughts on the film,

"Romantic comedy is a really difficult genre. .. But when I see [My Best Friend's Wedding], it's still got a snap to it. When it's funny, it's really funny, and the actors all glow."

We're lucky it's so good because if you think about it too long, you realize it's also absolutely bonkers.

Nitpicking bits of the film's plot is fun, but not necessary for enjoyment. The bittersweet ending provides the proper theme of the movie, that of genuine friendship, not forced romance.

You can read the full article in the February 2019 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

We're wondering how someone even came up with this very elaborate plan.

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