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PHOTOS: Tessa Thompson Inspires 'Women in Suits' Pictures

PHOTOS: Tessa Thompson Inspires 'Women in Suits' Pictures

For lovers of fashion, there's nothing quite like a fierce woman in a tailored suit.

Over the years, many iconic women have rocked the look, from the legendary Marlene Dietrich, to the always classy Diane Keaton, to singing and acting superstar Janelle Monae.

So when a photo of Thor: Ragnarok star Tessa Thompson rocking a "boxy plaid" suit surrounded by some of her fellow female Marvel Cinematic Universe actors was released by Vanity Fair, it was time for Twitter to be reminded of the awesome power of a woman in a suit.

The call came from Inkoo Kangst, a TV and film critic who writes reviews for The Hollywood Reporter and The Wrap, as well as tech and culture articles for Slate. Kangst shared the epic photo, saying: "I need an afternoon pick-me-up. Please reply with your favorite pictures of women in suits. Tessa Thompson's boxy plaid is my new lewk."

There are a lot of fierce women in that photo, but Thompson definitely stands out from the crowd with her chic look.

Kangst got the ball rolling with some photos of Monae, who is basically known for her suit game:

Lets take a closer look at a few of these perfect looks:

I mean, that pose with that suit? Everything.

Looking dapper AF, yet cool as a cucumber.

Another Twitter user shared some more photos, including this one of actors Emily Blunt, Cate Blanchett, and Zhou Xun, which was for an IWC Schaffhausen ad campaign:

Another Twitter user shared this snazzy photo of Blake Lively:

Let's not forget about Dietrich, one of the originals:

Or the great Katherine Hepburn:

Grace Jones? Enough said:

And just look at this one of Sigourney Weaver giving us androgyny for days:

If that doesn't leave you feeling sexually confused, then there's something wrong.

A pop of color never hurt anybody either:

And let's finish of with this well-fitting, well-tailored Emma Watson look, which is described as "flawless:"

We'd have to agree.

In fact, all of these fierce women are flawless.

And Twitter is applauding:

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H/T: Twitter, Gizmodo