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Teen Has To Have Both Legs And All His Fingers Amputated After Eating Leftover Rice And Noodles

Teen Has To Have Both Legs And All His Fingers Amputated After Eating Leftover Rice And Noodles

Faiz Naquiddin Abd Lataf/EyeEm/Getty Images

A Massachusetts teen experienced horrifying consequences after eating improperly stored leftovers.

As reported by Yahoo News, the unidentified 19-year-old college student was rushed to the hospital with multiple organ failure after consuming leftover rice, chicken and lo mein from a restaurant.

The student began suffering from abdominal pain and his skin turned purple after eating the food.

At the hospital, his condition continued to decline as he experienced vomiting, high blood pressure and abnormal breathing.

Tests confirmed he had caught meningococcal purpura fulminan disease—or Purpura fulminan—a rare complication that comes from septic shock.

The bacteria caused illness was to blame for his stiff neck, nausea, trouble breathing, shock and organ failure.

The teenager eventually began to experience necrosis, or the death of skin tissue. Doctors had to amputate his legs and fingers to save his life.

He was also given a pacemaker to treat cardiac issues.

The student’s roommate also ate the leftover food, but only experienced vomiting.

Both students had the meningococcal vaccine. However, the roommate got the booster shot as well, while the student that was rushed to the hospital didn’t.

According to the CDC, rice and pasta contain a bacterium called Bacillus cereus. When reheating improperly stored leftover rice or pasta, a potentially fatal toxin is produced.

People are understandably shook by this previously unknown danger of leftovers.

It also highlights the importance of staying up to date on your vaccines.

Even more felt vindicated for their dislike of leftovers.

We wish the young man a speedy recovery.