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Channing Tatum Shares Steamy Pic With Salma Hayek From Set Of New 'Magic Mike' Film

Instagram post shows Hayek groping Tatum's abs on the set of 'Magic Mike's Last Dance.'

Channing Tatum Shares Steamy Pic With Salma Hayek From Set Of New 'Magic Mike' Film
Karwai Tang/WireImage/Getty Images; Rich Fury/Getty Images

In 2012, the world was introduced to Magic Mike—the critically acclaimed male stripper movie which boasted top notch directing, A-list stars and plenty of sex appeal to go around.

And sex certainly does sell.

Magic Mike's silver screen run filled theaters around the world grossing over $167 million at the box office. Producers virtually leapt at the chance to produce its 2015 sequel Magic Mike: XXL.

Although, the second addition was not as well received, the film still took down a whopping $100 million in profits.

In Hollywood, money talks.

Keeping in line with the Benjamins, last year's announcement of a third movie came as a pleasant surprise to many. Magic Mike's Last Dance is now on pace for its highly anticipated release early next year.

And to help kick off the promotion for the upcoming film, stars Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek have taken to social media to give fans a steamy sneak peak of what's to come.

See Tatum's post below:

When it comes to thirst traps, rumor has it this is only the tip of the iceberg for what fans can expect in the 'trequel'.

Back in June, Tatum revealed to Entertainment Tonight he and Hayek share a particularly raunchy lap dance at the start of the movie.

"Look there are two totally different, uhm, 'meals' if you will."
"You've never really seen Mike give like a lap dance. Like you've seen me dance on stage, but you've never seen me give like an intimate straight up one-on-one lap dance."
"Me and Salma have a pretty crazy, pretty crazy dance that opens the movie. Uh, yeah we kick it off on a pretty strong level."

Channing Tatum TEASES Crazy Lap Dance With Salma Hayek in Magic Mike 3 (Exclusive)

While the actor was careful not to reveal too much, fans might want to take note Tatum emphasized the phrase "pretty crazy"...twice.

Naturally, the teasing has not gone unnoticed.










Meanwhile, prospects couldn't be higher for the new film.

After a shock switch up in directors for Magic Mike: XXL, award winning filmmaker Steven Soderbergh once again has come back to shoot the third installment.

Aside from Magic Mike, Soderbergh is well known for directing Traffic which saw him win the 2001 Academy Award for Best Director. He also directed Erin Brockovich which saw Julia Roberts win Best Actress.

Other notable works by Soderbergh include a string of heist movies. He's directed all three films in the popular Ocean's franchise, as well as the well received 2018 film Logan Lucky.

Needless to say, with Soderbergh back at the helm this new installment should be poised to tap into some of the same roots that made its first edition so widely successful.

Magic Mike's Last Dance will hit theaters on February 10 just before Valentine's day.