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Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images

It is the post-Halloween holiday season, which means Mariah Carey has once again emerged from hibernation to grace us with her presence.

Last year, it was in the form of the Christmas Special she aired, which saw Carey on a journey to the North Pole to help make Christmas happen. This year, it is in the form of a partnership with McDonald's.

However, the initial promotional image for the partnership was...unsettling.

In the photo, a clearly photoshopped Carey emerges from the ocean in a red dress while a McDonald's sign inexplicably lingers in the middle of the ocean behind her.

No more answers were provided about the context of this promo.

Questions flew around the internet, including on a list by Dave Holes on Yahoo! Life:

"Why is Mariah Carey emerging from the ocean? Why is a McDonald's sign emerging from the ocean? Is there, like, an underwater McDonald's in this universe?"
"Is it pick-up only, or is dine-in available via a system of airlocks and hatches? Does the little wave behind the pole of the McDonald's sign indicate that the underwater McDonald's is in motion?"

The puzzling image is explained in a video where Mariah promotes her "Mariah Menu" for the upcoming holiday season.

She wears the same dress and appears in front of a similarly photoshopped McDonald's restaurant in winter.

But some people had other theories.

Whether or not one can make sense of this meme, Carey's follow up tweet didn't help.

But that reminds us—isn't it time for another play of "All I Want For Christmas Is You"?