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Submarining: What Does It Mean In Dating?

Quick - what's the one thing you look for in a potential partner? Is it bizarre inconsistency?

Well, good news! There's a whole new dating trend on the scene that will fit you just fine. You've heard of ghosting? Well now I give you 'Submarining'. It doesn't sound creepy or irritating, but hey, we just learned this word, so let's dive in.

So What Is Submarining?

Let's say you go on a date and your potential mate seems perfectly well-adjusted. Maybe even a few solid dates go by and you're relatively confident in your choices. A good time to raise one's hopes, perhaps?

Maybe not.

More and more, frustrated daters are experiencing a whole new level of flakiness wherein the person they're interested in drops off the radar completely for weeks, or even months, only to re-emerge as if nothing has happened.

Hence, submarining.

Classic submariner behavior entails said person coming back into your life fully expecting you to be fine with everything and ready to adjust your life to their reemergence.

Umm, yeah no.

The View decided to get their fans' reactions to this new awful dating trend:

And as you might expect, Twitter did not hold back:

Sounds like a solid strategy:


Just stay under, kthx...

If you encounter such a submariner, may we suggest a classic repartee?

Anybody that treats you this way clearly sees you as disposable and cares little for your feelings while feeding their own insecurities.

Your time is valuable, and your emotions infinitely more so. Don't let anyone try to manipulate you like this. Tyra wouldn't stand for it, neither should you.

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H/T: Indy100, Metro