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Stevie Nicks Rips Putin's Invasion Of Ukraine In Scathing Letter: 'The Ghosts Are Coming Mr. Putin'

Stevie Nicks Rips Putin's Invasion Of Ukraine In Scathing Letter: 'The Ghosts Are Coming Mr. Putin'
Dia Dipasupil/FilmMagic/Getty Images; Alexei Nikolsky\TASS via Getty Images

In a scathing letter, singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin—possibly literally—for his invasion of Ukraine which began last week.

Nicks shared an excerpt from her journal in which she spoke directly to Putin in a sort of poem that read like a curse, criticizing him for his unprovoked violence and telling him "you will never be forgiven."

Nicks' shared her eloquently but chilling words in a post on Instagram.

See it below.

Given her decades-long career as one of the most iconic songwriters of our time, Nicks took a somewhat poetic approach, using imagery to cast Putin as a power-hungry coward.

In the entry, she spoke directly to him, kicking off by mocking the spectacle of his recent meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron, at which Putin attempted to intimidate Macron by sitting him at an absurdly long table.

Nicks wrote:

"Are you lonely, Mr. Putin? Is that why you sit at your long, long, marble, table, alone in the night and through the day--"
"And talk to ghosts--"

She then laid into the Russian dictator's invasion of Ukraine.

"Because you really have no friends — everyone is afraid of you; afraid to even offer up good advice, because great emperors don't listen to anyone but ghosts.
"Your ghosts must be shaking their heads concerning the killing of children and young people and destroying the houses of young families just for sport. Your ghosts disapprove..."
"...You will never be forgiven. Your ghosts will haunt you night and day."

And finally, Nicks cast a sort of spell on Putin before issuing him a sobering warning about the repercussions of his actions.

"I hope you never sleep again. I hope you sit at that long, ugly, lonely table for the rest of your life.
"I hope your ghosts surround you until you are old and grey and miserable..."
"...The ghosts are coming Mr. Putin. They're coming for you."
"Perhaps, they're already here."

As you might guess, Nicks' writing made quite an impression on social media.






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