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Stephen King Perfectly Summed Up The First Debate In A Brutal Tweet—And Twitter Couldn't Agree More

John Lamparski/Getty Images;Win McNamee/Getty Images

Author Stephen King has not been shy in the past about calling out President Donald Trump's behavior.

After watching Tuesday's Presidential debate spiral into a combative instead of productive back and forth, King summed up the hot-tempered debate in one concise statement.

During the debate Trump was point blank asked to denounce White supremacists and other right wing militias.

He refused.

Instead, Trump name dropped a far-right extremist organization called "The Proud Boys" who encourage politically motivated violence. Trump told them to "stand by."

It would be unbelievable except, you can watch the video for yourself below.

Social media agreed with Stephen King's brutally honest review.

Some users thought the debate was just as scary as any horror novel the beloved author has written.

Over the years King has developed a few descriptive terms for the current President including:

“Blabbermouth Don"
"a vile, racist, and incompetent bag of guts and waters"
"trash fire."

The interruptions and bullying from Trump continued after moderator Chris Wallace asked him to stop until Biden finally said "Will you shut up man."

King's followers were not the only ones backing up his summation.

Mary Trump, an American psychologist and Donald Trump's niece echoed the same feelings as the author's supporters over the debate.

When watching the debates remember the importance of fact checking and being aware of the empty and dog-whistling rhetoric.