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What's a horga'hn pin ( or horgon for the uninitiated)?

More and more Trekkies are buying pins of the sex symbol sex symbol first seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation and learning about it was an experience that needed to be shared.

Understanding the complexities of a Fandom inside joke is always a ride. But, this particular one was more peculiar than most.

I came across a few Trekkies who were looking to buy horga'hn pins. So, I was determined to find out what it was.

I found out it's a statuette that represents a fertility symbol from the planet Rita. According to Memory Alpha Fandom, "displaying one publicly indicated that one was seeking jamaharon, a mysterious and pleasurable sexual practice native to that world." The statuette was first introduced in the "Captain's Holiday" episode.

Since I was still confused about what the horga'hn was exactly I took to reddit, and the replies were mostly a bunch of dudes fighting over who has gotten laid more times this week. But, then Twitter saved the day. So, here are a few of my favorite tweets on the effects of horga'hn:

I demand a refund.

Sexualities explained

Where all Trekkies are trying to be 

Might be inappropriate

*says hi to a guy once* Guy:


Even Senator Cory Booker knew what was up

When you know your weakness

One for the occasion

Basically, Trekkies are thirsty and the internet is right here for it! Are you seeking jamaharon? Let us others know by buying a pin now.

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