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Model With Unibrow Encourages Women To Defy Traditional Beauty Standards

Model With Unibrow Encourages Women To Defy Traditional Beauty Standards
(New York Magazine/YouTube)

Sophia Hadjipanteli is a 21-year-old model, and since people are asking for confirmation, yes, she has a unibrow. And she's proud of it. Why shouldn't she be?

Sophia proudly embraces her signature brow, nicknamed "Veronica," and was inspired by her family and Greek heritage. She told New York Magazine, "They had a unibrow, like, no problem. It wasn't even a thing. That's what inspired me."

The University of Maryland marketing graduate confronted the stigma associated with hirsute models, referring to insults like "disgusting" or "gross."

"What is disgusting about hair on your face? Or anywhere?" she challenged her critics.

The Daily Mail elaborated on her rebellious youth growing up in Cypress before immigrating to America.

Ever since I was little I've always been quite different, just either my style or the way I acted.
I was always on my own in terms of school and growing up. I was very quirky and with all of that I just wanted to push some sort of boundary.
I did this before anyone really knew who I was really and it was nothing to do with getting attention or anything like that.

That built-in confidence allowed her to forge her own path in the industry, and it's paying off. Fans immediately gravitated toward her unconventional way of challenging beauty norms with her bushy brows. She's amassed more than 160,000 Instagram followers since making headlines.

I've always been known to change my look and do whatever I really wanted. And I guess that sort of stubbornness and rebelliousness has made me do literally whatever I want.

It wasn't always easy. She's had her struggles as well.

She's emotionally in a much better place.

Ignorance was still rampant on Twitter, where users called her "absolutely horrific looking" and "Yeah the reason we don't progress is because of unibrows."

But others supported the model and combated the ignorant comments.

She encouraged others who feel different not to give in to the negativity.

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