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U.S. Soldier Shuts Down Conservative Woman Who Asked Why Military Isn't Overthrowing The Gov't

U.S. Soldier Shuts Down Conservative Woman Who Asked Why Military Isn't Overthrowing The Gov't

A TikTok user known as @nuggets_n_chicken—identified as Cindy Bronson on her YouTube channel—had an epic response to a video from TikToker @2agoodsign—whose profile states her name is Jodi.

Jodi wondered why the military isn't rising up to overthrow the American government.

Jodi started off by calling out the various branches of the US military. She also included the private corporation SpaceX in her list, though she likely meant Space Force.

"Everybody that considers themselves a person that would defend this f**king country, where are you?"

Bronson, who is in uniform in her video, replied simply:

"I'm at work, defending this f**king country."

@2agoodsign it’s funny your name is Jodi. We have a running joke. My views do not reflect the us military #ChewyChattyPets #EatFreshRefresh

In her quoted video, Jodi went on to criticize servicemembers who she sees as not honoring their oath to protect the country from threats.

Bronson didn't pull any punches in her response.

"We did take that oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic."
"You know, domestic. Like the woman who decided to drive her vehicle through a National Guard vaccination tent."

Bronson took particular umbrage to Jodi's next statement claiming gun owners were ready to start a "f'king bloodbath" if they don't get their way.

Jodi said:

"Where are you military because if you are leaving it up to the American people you need to let us know because everybody's on the edge of their seat."
"You got millions and millions of gun owners that are ready to walk out and just start a complete f**king bloodbath."

Bronson replied reminding Jodi of the Insurrection Act, and the fact troops could be deployed within the country if "millions and millions of gun owners" started killing people.

She also noted Jodi's claims could be seen as a terroristic threat.

Jodi has since made her profile private on TikTok, likely due to the extra attention since Bronson's response video.

Folks were quick to mock Jodi in the comment section.

TikTok comment from user afictionaluniverses "The Air Force, the army, the marines, Starfleet, color guard, Backstreet Boys..... wait I lost count" afictionaluniverses/TikTok

TikTok comment from user shamalama383 "How's she gonna call out all the branches and forget about The Powrr Rangers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Green Lanterns, The Justice League!!!!" shamalama383/TikTok

TikTok comment from user christofferdixon "I think it's hilarious that gun owners think they have a chance against a country that spends $700 billion a year on weapons." christofferdixon/TikTok

Several users said they reported Jodi's video to the FBI or they were concerned.

TikTok comment from user yimanee "I dropped an FBI tip on her laughing-crying emoji" yimanee/TikTok

TikTok comment from user peacefullylemon "did she just... did she just say she's going to go out and start 'a blood bath'????? uhhh hello FBI??" peacefullylemon/TikTok

Others pointed out the sheer hypocrisy often present in arguments like Jodi's.

TikTok comment from user Avignon76 "They have been jonesing for Martial Law for years. They act like it's for everyone BUT them. laughing-crying emoji" avignon76/TikTok

TikTok comment from user whovianluv10 "why is it always 'support the police/military, blue lives matter, thank you for your service' until the military won't kill all the people making them" whovianluv10/TikTok

TikTok comment from user nox.caelo "The same way they love cops until cops tell them they are I the wrong. Be safe wherever you are." nox.caelo/TikTok

However Jodi and her proposed armed insurrection or military coup did have a few fans.

Bronson addressed their comments as well.


Reply to @stonksandspeculation mkay #ChewyChattyPets #EatFreshRefresh #MicroRaveWithRoni


Reply to @stonksandspeculation literally you couldn’t be more wrong. I quoted the law. You opining #ChewyChattyPets #EatFreshRefresh

Just a heads up to Jodi and her supporters.

Don't ask questions you really don't want answered.