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Snoop Dogg Just Announced That He's Giving Up Smoking Weed—And Fans Have Thoughts

After the rapper announced on X that he's 'decided to give up smoke,' stunned fans threw out all kinds of theories as to why.

Snoop Dogg Just Announced That He's Giving Up Smoking Weed—And Fans Have Thoughts
Henning Kaiser/picture alliance via Getty Images

When it comes to iconic duos, Snoop Dogg and marijuana are right up there with Bert & Ernie and chocolate and peanut butter. But it seems the end of an era has at last arrived.

Snoop recently announced that he has "decided to give up smoke," and boy did the internet have feelings about it.

Snoop made his big life announcement in a post on Instagram and X, aka Twitter, that instantly went viral.

In his post, Snoop wrote:

“After much consideration and conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke."
"Please respect my privacy at this time.”

Obviously this is major news, even if it seems frivolous. Snoop's entire career, brand, persona and many of his songs have been based around his love for ganja for the entirety of his 30-plus-year career.

In more recent years, since marijuana has been legalized in many parts of the country, Snoop has also turned his enthusiasm for pot into a handful of business ventures.

And he's been known to have enjoyed a smoke with all kinds of luminaries, from singer Ed Sheeran to maybe even former President Barack Obama—at least that's what he obliquely claimed in his 2021 song "Gang Signs."

Snoop Dogg - Gang Signs (feat. Mozzy) [Official Music Video]

So what gives? Nobody seems to know, though this is not the first time he's publicly quit smoking pot. He famously declared he was quitting back in 2003 during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, a decision he joked earlier this year he had since "relapsed" from.

Many fans believe the announcement is merely a publicity stunt, part of the launch of his next pot-related business venture.

Whatever the explanation is, fans on social media have theories as to why Snoop is quitting pot, or at least saying he's quitting pot.

But others were just in shock that Snoop's days as America's foremost pot connoisseur might be coming to a close.

Truly the end of an era, and what an era it was.