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PHOTOS: Man Makes Humorous Poster for 'Karate Lawyer'

PHOTOS: Man Makes Humorous Poster for 'Karate Lawyer'

If you've ever walked by a wall full of homemade posters advertising for everything from babysitting to music lessons to basically any service one could possibly provide, then you know how ridiculous some of the posters can be.

But one Twitter user has taken things to the next level by creating his own posters for some pretty bizarre things.

Recently, one of these "Sir Michael" originals from August made the rounds on Twitter, and it turned heads for the service it offered: "karate lawyer."

What exactly is a karate lawyer, you may ask? Well, Michael spells it all out for you in the job posting.

"While many lawyers win cases with knowledge of the law and clever legal arguments, I intend to win mine with karate," the poster states, before providing a breakdown of some of the services being offered:

Under the listing is a clarification that, according to a policeman, Michael has "been asked to make it clear that I am not legally allowed to represent defendants in a court of law, and evening if I was, I would not be allowed to do karate on anyone."

He also announces the closure of the karate-based law firm, with the teaser of a new business venture soon to come.

Keeping good on that promise, directly under the clarification is a new job posting. This time it's for something completely different: a "karate architect."

Now, obviously the posters aren't advertising real job offerings, but people certainly have found them entertaining.

And it turns out that Michael has plenty more where that came:

Whether you like it or not:

Let's take a look at a few, shall we?

Here's one where Michael is seeking emergency piano lessons:

And this one offering some helpful guitar lessons:

Or this poster seeking guys for a new boy band:

And this one, offering up Michael's awesome computer skills:

As you can see, each of the posts tends to follow a pattern: a dangerous or ludicrous job posting, followed by a poster confirming just how dangerous and ludicrous they are. Often with the help of a policeman.

And while we sometimes wish we could hire a karate lawyer for real, the endless supply of posters will just have to do:

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