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'The Simpsons' Just Slammed President Trump Yet Again in Their Latest Cartoon

'The Simpsons' Just Slammed President Trump Yet Again in Their Latest Cartoon
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President Trump's relationship with comedians is one of love and hate. While they seem to hate each other as people and public figures, they love the material they seem to mine out of each other. Comedians are given endless punchlines by Trump's unconventional behaviors, social faux pas, and shifting political stances while President Trump is never more in his element than when he's on Twitter slamming the liberal media and calling comedians losers. The next chapter in the Trump vs. comedy era arrived on Friday, March 23, when The Simpsons portrayed the President in the midst of a personal crisis, trying to come to terms with the truth of who he is:

In a rare moment of clarity, 'The Simpson's' Trump admits:

You've been acting like a narcissistic sociopath and 64 percent to 67 percent of the people hate you.

The clip is from an upcoming episode entitled "A Tale of Two Trumps," so viewers can expect even more where this came from.

The Simpsons and Trump already have something of a storied past, with the show even going so far as to predict his Presidency all the way back in 2000. In the episode "Bart to the Future," where the show jumped forward in time, Lisa Simpson has become President and makes a brief allusion to the mess left behind by President Trump. Since Trump has publicly thought about running for President as far back as 1999, however, the prediction isn't quite as uncanny as one might think.

After Trump was elected, the below photo with another Simpson's prediction also went viral:

In truth, however, this photoset was a hoax. While people spreading the photo claimed President Trump appeared in a 2000 Simpson's episode announcing his candidacy in an eerily similar situation to reality (riding down a golden escalator as onlookers cheer), the footage actually came from a short that appeared on the "Animation Domination" YouTube channel long after the event in question.

Another photo circulated which seemed to show Mr. Burns correctly predicting the 2016 electoral map.

Fox Animation

This was also a hoax. Though the video this screenshot came from was directly related to the 2016 elections, it had far more to do with Mitt Romney than with Donald Trump. In the video, Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney for President and shows the audience the classic red and blue electoral map. But when compared to the actual map from 2016 (which resulted in a Trump victory), it's clear Burns was off on several fronts. Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia, and Pennsylvania all fell in the opposite direction!

To see what The Simpson's next shot at Donald Trump is, tune in Sundays at 8pm on Fox!

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