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Martin Sheen Went Full 'West Wing' On 'Hustler' Trump And We Want President Bartlet Back

Martin Sheen Went Full 'West Wing' On 'Hustler' Trump And We Want President Bartlet Back
Arturo Holmes/Getty Images; Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It's been fifteen years since the end of The West Wing, but for a certain subset of people, when they hear Martin Sheen, they think "Mr. President." At the same time, there's another subset of people who think the same thing when they hear the name "Trump."

Now, these two mindsets are clashing, as Sheen has made some very unflattering comments about the time Donald Trump spent as President of the United States.

A clip was shared to Twitter, where it quickly became a popular topic of discussion.

During the interview by Jeff Conway, a contributor to the entertainment section of Forbes, Sheen spoke about the political climate in America today.

Sheen said:

"We're stuck with the lie in the throat, and I think we've got to clear our throats and see through this fog of deception, divisiveness."
"I think we've forgotten something that is a deep part of our humanity, and that is we serve ourselves best when we serve others first."

That second statement was compared to something fictional President Josiah Edward "Jed" Bartlet, Sheen's character on The West Wing, might have said in one of his speeches.

Many online agreed with Sheen's words.

Sheens' speech continued taking aim at the previous President's administration.

He talked about Trump's election as an error in the character of the country and:

"The worst part of it is that so many good people have followed this bad man and he's a hustler."

Trump is only concerned with himself and led through greed and anger, according to the actor.

Sheen also said while he's a lifelong Democrat, he remembers a time when Republicans and Democrats were held in similar regard, and hopes to return to that place.

People were focused on his take down of Trump.

Trump can't respond to the comments himself on Twitter, as he is still banned from the platform. That doesn't mean he hasn't tried.

Despite attempts to subvert the ban, Trump's access to Twitter, his once favorite platform, still remains out of reach.