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Restaurant Server Stunned By Customer's Racism After He Doesn't Believe Her Name Is Marjorie

Restaurant Server Stunned By Customer's Racism After He Doesn't Believe Her Name Is Marjorie

People who work in the service industry have many stories to tell about how rudely they are being treated by customers.

But the ones who frequently get disrespected tend to be servers in restaurants, as one TikToker can attest to.

Marjorie—TikToker @marjthegemm—who worked as a server for 11 years, volunteered to share the most disrespectful thing that ever happened to her while on the clock.

"Overall, I've had nothing but great experiences over bad experiences," she assured viewers in a TikTok video, before emphatically declaring, "People. Are. Trash. Especially in restaurants, y'all are trash."

She also argued that all customers in other service industries are not the same. "In restaurants, they are different."

Marjorie said people's entitled behavior in restaurants may have something to do with them being "hangry" or having a long day at work and feel that going to a table-service establishment is their "only opportunity to get served."

"So this guy comes in, and I realize at this point that he's never been there before," she said. "I proceed to give him my spiel like I do every new customer."

Things seemed to be going well when she interacted with him and she said she had a nice vibe going on. She, for sure, thought she was going to get at least a 30% tip after establishing a rapport with him.

That was until he asked her to repeat her name.

"I'm like, 'Marjorie.' He's like, 'What?' I'm like, 'Marjorie.'"
"He's like, 'No, your first name.' I'm like, 'Marjorie.' Like, what the f'k? It's Marjorie!"


She remained flummoxed as to why he was reacting the way he did.

"How has this guy never heard the name Marjorie? I know it's not common, but it's not, like, alien."

Getting increasingly annoyed, she had the bartender confirm her name in front of the customer. But even that demonstration did little to persuade the customer.

"Nah, you don't look like a Marjorie," the customer told her.

It eventually occurred to her he didn't think the name fit because she was Black.

When she asked him what kind of name she should have, his response warranted a separate follow-up video.

Marjorie continued her recollection of what he told her.

"He's like, 'Well you kind of look like you would click, like you're exotic. He's like, 'Your name should be something with an -isha or an -equa at the end.'"

She said she was "flabbergasted. Shocked," by his response, and she was "clutching her goddam pearls."

She then realized when he said, "click" he was referring to languages spoken in African countries.

"So this guy took a look at me and decided that whatever fantasy he had of me in his head, I didn't live up to that, so the name that I gave him was not good enough."
"And I just don't know what he thought the result was going to be."






She added that on top of the "blatant disrespect," Marjorie said she was more astonished over the fact that he was looking at her with an expression indicating she was the one that had a problem.

Her first video received more than 116,000 views since being posted on October 12.

Fortunately, the bartender prevented a possible bloodbath when he noticed the tension and intervened. He told the customer Marjorie was about to go on her break.

"He saved lives that day," she said of her observant co-worker, adding that because of him, viewers were able to see her video because "I don't think you can do TikTok from jail."