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Man Who's Lived In Cave For 20 Years Just Found Out About Pandemic—And Immediately Got Vaccine

Man Who's Lived In Cave For 20 Years Just Found Out About Pandemic—And Immediately Got Vaccine
OLIVER BUNIC/AFP via Getty Images

Though it sounds bizarre, there are people who are living through the pandemic completely unaware of it's existence. A 70-year-old man emerged from a cave in Pirot, Serbia.

Despite his rejection of modern society, he immediately got vaccinated without any hesitation.

Panta Petrovic made the decision to live on the outskirts of society 20 years ago in a mountain cave. Only last year he traveled into town and learned about the pandemic.

Petrovic said he's always loved nature and there's a certain freedom he experienced by living out there full time.

"I was not free in the city."
"There is always someone in your way—you either argue with your wife, neighbors, or the police."
"Here, nobody is hassling me."

His trips to town became more frequent since a pack of wolves got to some of his domestic animals he kept around the cave.

He shared with APF News he "doesn't understand the fuss" when it comes to getting the vaccine.

Petrovic said:

"I want to get all 3 doses, including the extra one."
"I urge every citizen to get vaccinated, every single one of them."

He emphasized his belief in a process that aims to eradicate diseases.

Petrovic said the virus could even come to his cave in the forested Stara Planina Mountain.

"It does not pick."
"It will come here, to my cave, too."

Many people on Twitter hope the unvaccinated hear this mans' story so they too decide to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Before he decided to social distance for his lifestyle, he donated all his money to the community to fund the building of three bridges.

Petrovic explained:

"Money is cursed, it spoils people."
"I think nothing can corrupt a human like money."

Hopefully, this story encourages others to follow Petrovic's lead when it comes to public health.