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News Camera Catches Woman Casually Walking Off With Entire Cheesecake During Looting Of Seattle Cheesecake Factory

KIRO-TV via @USMCLiberal/Twitter

Anti-police brutality protests across the U.S.—sparked by the murder of George Floyd—have seen opportunists looting and causing destruction alongside the largely peaceful protests.

Since the looting began, the internet has been outraged by what seems like a constant stream of images and videos showing shattered storefronts, burning cars and people scattering with stolen goods in hand.

One looting scene in Seattle, Washington however, left folks chuckling.

Seattle's local KIRO-TV news captured the mayhem outside of a Cheesecake Factory on Sunday evening where, after an entire day of peaceful protesting, the front glass was smashed and bottles of alcohol were thrown outside. KIRO-TV reported that other brand name stores suffered similar destruction.

But amidst that dark, chaotic backdrop one woman walked across the foreground with the brightest object on screen by far: an entire cheesecake.

She clearly had plans, as the wine glass and champagne flute in one hand proved.

Twitter was very excited to find something to laugh at among a rather dystopian four or five days.

Apparently, a nation in the throes of both a pandemic and widespread political unrest has the comedy of Twitter in high demand.

Of course, relevant memes were at the ready.

Other people on Twitter were informed about the Cheesecake Factory's display case.

Who knew which cakes are the best and worst to steal?

The protests in Seattle continued to rage through the night and the following day, even amidst the mayor's 6pm citywide curfew.