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Scientists Plan To Send Huge Load Of Sperm And Egg Samples To The Moon As Part Of 'Modern Ark'

Scientists Plan To Send Huge Load Of Sperm And Egg Samples To The Moon As Part Of 'Modern Ark'
Mark Newman/Getty Images

After going through something like 2020, it's fair to say that we've been through a lot.

The ongoing pandemic has placed NASA on high alert, however, and they're concerned at how many of our current threats could potentially end the world, like the pandemic or rapid climate change.

Because of this, scientists have proposed launching a sort of "Modern Ark" to the Moon.

But instead of having humans and all the animal species waiting around two-by-two up there, a group of scientists have suggested transporting a whole bunch of seeds, sperm and egg samples there instead. They're aiming to send an upwards of 6.7 million cells.

The group is specifically looking at the deep craters in the moon, which used to run with lava. Since the craters run deep beneath the surface of the moon, it would be an excellent location to keep samples away from other elements, and at temperatures that would allow the samples to last a long time.

The transport also would not be the most difficult, as the organization has already tested the effects of interstellar travel on egg and sperm vitality. After experiencing a round-trip alongside an all-female team of astronauts back in 2019, the samples sent with them were tested, and it was decided they would be as effective as if they had never left the planet.

But the rest of the idea would require significant planning.


Based on the diagram above, the scientists have proposed keeping all of these different sperm and egg samples in Cryo-Preservation Tanks, which would be attached to a lab where the samples could be analyzed.

However, because of the temperatures on the moon, let alone below its surface, it's expected that a human scientist would not be able to navigate these spaces. Rather, they would need a robot to do that for them.

But a typical metal robot would probably freeze up in those temperatures, instead. To avoid this, the scientists have also suggested developing new robots that utilize quantum levitation technology.

That doesn't sound too complicated, right?

Despite all of the logical reasons for why this could be a good idea, the internet can't stop cracking jokes.

And others are just not convinced.

It's a giggle-worthy idea, for sure, but given the hardships we've been through recently, and probably will go through in the next few decades, it's worth at least discussing... and joking about.