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This Video Of A Scared Dog Being Carried Up An Escalator Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day 😍

(@googlegoldendorado/Instagram, @markcore65/Twitter)

Here's something that will lift your spirits away from the perpetual sense of gloom and doom hovering over our world.

A video demonstrating the bond between a man and his best friend is the key component for a dose of some much needed sunshine in our lives.

This golden retriever in the video appeared to be intimidated by the grooved metal steps ascending up to who knows where, and it wasn't about to follow its owner on all four paws.

The dog hunkered down and showed resistance in advancing forth, and the owner wasn't about to force it into doing anything against its will.

So what's a guy to do? He picked up his best friend and carried him up to the second floor and went on with their day at the mall.

Some commented that the dog's intuition about avoiding the strange contraption was spot on. The truth is, escalators are considered unsafe for animals and there are usually signs indicating as such.

This dog didn't need any sign to tell him that he ain't got time for that.

Inside Edition did a report on dogs being intuitive to the possible dangers of riding an escalator.

They seem instinctively to know that danger is lurking, and they're right. Dogs and escalators are not a good mix.
It doesn't matter how big the dog is, carrying them is the only safe way to go.

Most were just enamored of the valiant master caring for his furry friend.

Maybe the dog feigned fear as an excuse to find his way into the owner's arms.

Sometimes, an elevator will do.

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