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Ryan Reynolds Will Voice Detective Pikachu in Live-Action Film

Ryan Reynolds Will Voice Detective Pikachu in Live-Action Film

For fans of the video game "Detective Pikachu," the announcement of a live-action film a few weeks ago was very exciting.

And on Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds had been cast as the voice of the titular character.

Amazing, right?? Well, not everybody was thrilled.

You see, ever since the film's announcement, Twitter had been speculating about who would best voice Detective Pikachu, and there were some pretty stellar choices.

But one fan-favorite stood out from the crowd: Danny Devito.

Can't you just imagine his gruff voice coming out of Pikachu's mouth? It's too perfect.

The casting of Reynolds blew that dream to smithereens, however, and Twitter was crushed:

Perhaps Devito can still make some sort of cameo to appease the fans:

Devito wasn't the only name thrown around. The Rock was another popular contender for the role:

As were a slew of other talented actors, from Paul Giamatti to Idris Elba:

Even a famed TV detective would've been a better fit:

But really, will Ryan Reynolds even say anything more than "Pika!"?

In the end, it probably came down to Reynolds' star power, considering that his turn in Deadpool earned rave reviews, and the movie broke box office records.

In fact, maybe the new Detective Pikachu film can be considered the third installment of the franchise:

So, hate on Reynolds if you want, but if you care about the video game, you're probably going to see the movie anyway.

And if this is the first you've heard of the video game, then you're probably very confused in general:

But people are here to help:

If you need some extra help visualizing the concept of the whole thing, watch this trailer for the Japanese video game. It should clear some things up, even if you don't know Japanese:

We can see how it could make a compelling movie.

But still...DANNY DEVITO! It would've been epic.

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