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Marco Rubio Slammed For Making 'Antifa' Joke About Decision To Start Up Fall Sports In Florida

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Despite the warnings of health experts all over the state, high school football will be starting up once again in Florida in a couple weeks.

Though many are worried about the very real danger to these students' safety, Florida Senator Marco Rubio saw this occasion as a perfect opportunity to make a joke.

On Twitter, Rubio shared a picture suggesting critics of the return of high school football would be less vocal if the football teams wore anti-facist protest "uniforms."

Floridians were shocked and disgusted at Rubio's levity at the expense of their children.

The United States and Florida have failed to contain the pandemic but Rubio thinks this is a good time to crack a couple jokes.

Dr. Jennifer Maynard, head of the athletic board's medical advisory committee, recommended that high school sports like football be delayed.

"Until this virus is given the respect it deserves to quiet down, introducing sports adds fuel to the fire."

In Georgia, where a school was closed after 35 students and teachers were diagnosed with the virus, the football players were the first to test positive.

There's nothing funny about the needless deaths and illnesses suffered in Florida.

Senator Rubio has hopefully learned the hard way that there's an appropriate time and place for jokes and that this is not it.