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WATCH: The Rock Dwayne Johnson's Gym Goes Wherever He Goes

WATCH: The Rock Dwayne Johnson's Gym Goes Wherever He Goes

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson was on The Late Late Show recently, and guest host Bryan Cranston had a few questions on how the action star maintains his perfect, massive physique --especially while traveling around the world as part of his busy film schedule. Turns out, the Rock literally takes a giant portable gym with him wherever he goes.

The Rock Dwayne Johnson's Gym is his Iron Paradise, a.k.a his Traveling Carnival.

"I figured the easiest thing for me to do was to create a gym and make sure that it travels with me everywhere I go," says Dwayne Johnson, after explaining that he no longer uses public gyms -- they became too much of a "crazy zoo."


In a video on Instagram, the 45-year-old wrapped up filming in Vancouver and gave a shout out to the crew who set up the mobile gym that travels with him wherever he goes, in a video on Instagram. And a crew he requires indeed!

First, a dedicated team transfers all of his home equipment onto multiple 18-wheeler trucks. Then, they reassemble the gym at whatever location Johnson is filming. The gym, which he calls his “iron paradise” and “traveling carnival,” is made up of a whopping 40 000lbs (18 000kg) of “steal and iron."

Anchors Aweigh!

Working out is how the Rock starts and centers his day -- it is his meditation. But his work schedule made this difficult to achieve. So he created a gym that he can take wherever he goes because it "eliminates excuses."

Taking the gym game to a whole new level.

Can anyone besides him even claim they transport their own personal gym via 18-wheeler trucks? We don't think so. Just another reason the Rock is like no one else.

Talk about some extreme gym goals.

He sets the bar way too high.

A dedicated crew that disassembles, transports, and reassembles his mobile gym.

That must coast him hundreds of thousands of dollars a year! At least he can afford it.

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