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Rihanna Fires Back At Racist Body-Shamers With Perfectly Unbothered Pictures

Rihanna appears to have gained a bit of weight. We don’t really think that matters, but apparently lots of people on social media do.

As images from her Valerian promotional tour have popped up, people just can’t seem to stop commenting on her weight.

Like this guy.

And this person.

This person thinks maybe it’s baby-fat or possibly happy-fat.

Then there’s Pete, who turned it into a race thing.

Pete, and others like him who have fired off racist body shaming posts and messages to and about the star, are where Rihanna draws the line. The fantastically curvy line.

She fired back with a series of pictures on Instagram that prove she is exactly 0% bothered. Does she look worried?

Here’s Riri killing it at the Paris premiere.

Another premiere, another stunning and confident-looking Rihanna.

She even posted this short Snapchat video in which her friend comments on how great her cleavage looks.

“T*tties need a filter!”

We don’t know (or honestly care) how much Rihanna’s weight has changed or why.

We’re just here enjoying the happy, confident woman who’s out there making art and making changes.


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Source: The Daily Buzz