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Rightwinger Says Gov't Should Subsidize Guns For People To Protect Themselves From BLM

Rightwinger Says Gov't Should Subsidize Guns For People To Protect Themselves From BLM

A conservative gun activist who blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for "looting, violence and murder" suggested the government should extend firearm subsidies in an interview on conservative network, OAN (One America News).

Rogan O'Handley made the comment during a segment discussing an alleged increase in gun sales under President Biden's Administration because "they would like to take away our guns."

"We don't know what they're going to do when it comes to our Second Amendment rights," said the news host, adding, "They're constantly coming up with new ideas, new law suggestions, and ultimately they would like us to be unarmed."

To which O'Handley weighed in with:

"America owns more guns than 50% of the planet. There are more guns than people in this country."
"God bless the Second Amendment and our Founding Fathers. I am absolutely loving seeing these huge, huge gun numbers."

You can watch the video clip of the interview, here.

OAN guest: Federal government should 'subsidize' guns to protect people from Black Lives

O'Handley lauded first-time buyers purchasing firearms to allegedly protect themselves from BLM protests.

"I am absolutely loving seeing these huge gun numbers...we're getting a lot of first-time buyers. People that have never owned a gun in their life are looking around and seeing BLM and Antifa burning down courthouses, police stations... looting, violence, murder."

"And they're saying, you know what? These guys are also calling to defund the police. Maybe I have to look at protecting myself and my family. Maybe I should start exercising my constitutional right to keep and bear arms."

He added:

"And I will say I'm in the camp where I think we should actually have subsidies for gun ownership in this country. You know, we subsidize schools, housing, everything."
"Why are we not subsidizing guns? That's a constitutional right and one of the most important. Very happy to see these huge numbers."

Social media users were quick to call out O'Handley's hypocrisy about BLM violence.

Others expressed concern about far-right activists like O'Handley being given platforms to disseminate false and dangerous rhetoric.

The far-right, pro-Donald Trump cable channel was founded by Robert Herring Sr. and launched on July 4, 2013.

Since then, OAN has become notorious for spreading falsehoods and conspiracy theories on their political talk shows, and they were banned by the White House Correspondents Association after one of their reporters violated social distancing guidelines in the briefing room.