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Gay Politician Kisses His Spouse In A First For Political TV Ads—And Airs It During 'Fox & Friends'

Gay Politician Kisses His Spouse In A First For Political TV Ads—And Airs It During 'Fox & Friends'
(Richard Madaleno/YouTube)

As a proponent for equal rights, planned parenthood, and public schools over vouchers, Richard Madaleno is running for Governor of Maryland and isn't afraid to take a stand against Donald Trump and his policies.

In his 30-second campaign ad, Madaleno highlights his accomplishments that are in stark contrast to Trump's agendas, and the gay candidate seals it with a kiss square on his husband's lips akin to flipping the bird at Trump.

"Take that, Donald Trump!" he says.

The political ad campaign is the first for a state senator sharing a same-sex smooch with his husband meant to "piss off Donald Trump."

Madaleno represented Montgomery County in the state General Assembly and helped pass legislation on pertinent progressive issues which he lists in the ad.

"Here are few of the things I've done that already infuriate Donald Trump," he says at the start of the video. He lists his resume that includes saving planned parenthood from Republicans in Congress, helping to ban assault weapons in Maryland, and supporting public schools over vouchers.

Each accomplishment is followed by his supporters representing all backgrounds and ages, who exclaim, "Take that, Trump."

"And what's the number one way I piss off Donald Trump and the Republicans?" Madaleno asks as his husband of 16 years, Mark, and their two kids sit on the steps in front of their home. He then delivers the affectionate kiss on Mark's lips for the ad's coup de grace.

Not everyone was pleased with the P.D.A.

But plenty others were all for it.

The ad is sticking it to conservatives and was designed to rile Trump's base by running locally on the Fox & Friends show in Washington, D.C. Madaleno's campaign manager Keith Preseley wanted to " make sure the president had an opportunity to see this ad."

In honor of pride month, the gubernatorial candidate issued this statement:

June is LGBT Pride Month and I couldn't think of a better time to release this ad. I am proud of my family, proud of my record of standing up for our progressive values and proud to be unflinching in standing up against hate. Love truly does trump hate.

Twitter had their opinions, but this user thought the smooch was a little tentative.

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