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CBS Reporter Stunned After Hack For Cooking Steak In A Dishwasher Works Like A Charm


Internet food hacks in general sound about 50% real and 50% completely fake.

One such hack is cooking a steak in a dishwasher.

Sounds completely fake, right?

That's what CBS news correspondent Michael George thought—until he slapped some red meat in a vacuum-sealed bag and threw it in his dishwasher. He was shocked when it was ready to eat—with a little browning from some butter and garlic in the oven afterward.

The reason it worked?

Well, a dishwasher is kind of like a giant sous vide machine—it uses hot water to cook a vacuum sealed piece of food. Sous Vide cooking is popular because it's a low effort way to get a consistent and delicious cook on your food.

"The steak came out a perfect medium rare! It just needed 2 minutes in the pan to brown the outside!" tweeted George.

Astonishingly, one can cook many different meals in a dishwasher, as the 130-degree water provides a good environment for a consistent, sous-vide like cooking experience.

Sous Vide also provides a more even cook than pan-frying, baking, or other cooking methods with a medium rare steak getting an even red hue throughout.

Despite some initial trepidation, it does seem like giving a dishwasher-cook a go (if you don't own a sous vide machine) isn't the worst idea.

Don't knock it 'til you try it!