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'The Blind Side' Star Tells People To Lay Off Sandra Bullock Amid Tuohy Family Allegations

Actor Quinton Aaron, who protrayed Oher in the film, opened up about the controversy in a 'New York Post' interview—and he wasn't having people going after his Oscar-winning costar.

Quinton Aaron and Sandra Bullock
Kevin Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

Actor Quinton Aaron—best known for playing football player Michael Oher in The Blind Side—defended his former co-star Sandra Bullock after she was unfairly criticized online by individuals reacting to the news that the story behind the book and hit film was a total con.

Bullock won the 2009 Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Leigh Anne Tuohy, who, according to the old story, fostered Oher's talents and helped him embark on a career in professional football.

However, Oher's revelations that he was led to believe he was adopted by the affluent Tuohy family, who played a pivotal role in his life, have ignited a fervent debate over the veracity of the events depicted in the book and film.

Oher has also alleged that he was denied rightful royalties from the movie adaptation, sparking a legal battle that has shed light on a much more complex narrative than what was initially presented.

Aaron spoke out after Bullock found herself unwittingly entangled in the controversy, with some critics going so far as to suggest that the Academy Award she won for playing the Tuohy matriarch should be revoked.

Aaron denounced the attacks against Bullock in a new interview with the New York Post:

“We are living in a day and age where people are hell-bent on pointing the blame on people and are just throwing things out there that’s wrong."
“It’s like saying, ‘Let’s throw this person to the wolves.’”

Aaron also noted that the attacks against Bullock are inappropriate in light of recent personal tragedy: Bullock's longtime partner, photographer Bryan Randall, died earlier this month after a long battle with amyotrphic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Aaron said:

“Sandra did nothing wrong. That’s my girl and she is going through a really tough time right now. I really feel like they should leave her alone and stop trying to come at her.”

Many appreciated Aaron for speaking out and also came to Bullock's defense.

Oher's assertion that he never received any compensation from the movie contrasts with the Tuohys' assertion that they have consistently shared proceeds, casting a dark shadow over the initial story and the film's resounding success.

Furthermore, Michael Lewis, the author of The Blind Side, revealed that Oher had declined his royalty checks, leading the Tuohys to create a trust fund for Oher's son.

Oher recently disclosed that he was not adopted but instead placed under a conservatorship, a revelation that raises questions about the motives and intentions of all parties involved.

The Tuohys have argued that the conservatorship was established to enable Oher to continue his college football career, but this move has brought into focus potential conflicts of interest.