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Professor Sparks Debate After Refusing To Accept Assignment With Midnight Deadline At 11:46PM

Redditor videoresume shared an email exchange with the professor who felt it was turned in too 'last-minute' despite being before the deadline.

woman typing on laptop at night; screenshot of email
d3sign/Getty Images; videoresume/Reddit

Turning in an assignment right before the deadline is a time honored tradition in most colleges.

But apparently not all professors believe in that tradition.

A student turned in their assignment with a documented deadline of midnight at 11:46PM. To their surprise, the professor marked the assignment as late.

Thinking the professor made a mistake, the student emailed the professor to find out why ten points were deducted from their score.

They wrote:

"I properly submitted the document in a timely manner before the due date at 11:46 p.m."

The professor responded by saying no mistake had been made.

"The assignment was submitted 13 minutes before the posted due date."
"However, you must understand that it was handed in on a last-minute basis, which is the reason why you received a late penalty."
"As a result, I will not be removing the late penalty deduction and I would advise that you submit your work no less than an hour before the due date going forward."

You can see the email conversation here:

The internet had a whole lot to say about this situation.

Other comments made some pretty good points.

Somehow, there were even comments that sided with the professor.

Unless it's in the syllabus you must turn your assignments in an hour before the deadline, people don't really see why there is any debate.

It is the students' job to follow directions, but it's also theprofessor's job to make those directions something that can be followed.