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Princess Anne Is An Internet Hero After Appearing To Get Chastised By The Queen For Not Greeting Trump, And Then Just Shrugging It Off

Foreign leaders are just as tired of Donald Trump as Americans are here in the U.S. As a result, when President Trump goes overseas, it almost always generates some viral footage that's as hilarious as it is embarrassing.

This time around, at a NATO summit held in England, Princess Anne stood out of the royal reception line greeting President Trump at Buckingham Palace. When the Queen looked around and saw her, she appeared to shrug off meeting Trump, gaining her the respect of Twitter users everywhere.

The moment was quickly given the meme treatment. Anyone brave enough to snub the President becomes pretty popular on Twitter!

Princess Anne simply couldn't be bothered!

Sadly, the actual facts of the matter are less dramatic than the initial reaction suggested. As The Guardian reported, the truth is that Anne was simply making an innocent joke that had nothing to do with Trump.

But that wasn't Princess Anne's only moment of virality that came out of the summit! Leaked footage featuring the Princess, President Emmanuel Macron, and Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau caught the group gossiping about President Trump during a party the President skipped.

Trudeau has since admitted the group was talking about Trump.

Princess Anne, keep doing what you're doing! America loves you for it.

Respect should be earned, not freely given, even to a U.S. President. If you don't want foreign leaders gossiping about you behind your back, it might be time to start following the norms of governance respected by every other developed country.