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Pregnant Woman Furious After Her Husband's Prank Made Her Vomit And He Refused To Clean It Up

Pregnant Woman Furious After Her Husband's Prank Made Her Vomit And He Refused To Clean It Up

Redditor f*calsoda is five-months pregnant and has been having an especially difficult time with her nausea.

One night, her husband thought it would be cute to pull a prank on her.

But he was not prepared for the consequences of his foul stunt.

After getting into an argument, the Original Poster (OP) visited the "Am I the A**hole" (AITA) subReddit and asked the internet:

"AITA for forcing my husband to clean up vomit?"

The OP began to explain how pregnancy was going for her.

"So I'm currently 5 months pregnant and recently have been getting God- awful nausea. Like the nausea is unbelievable and it's hard for me to even find things I like or want to eat most days in fear that I'll puke it back up right after."

"I had a difficult 12 hour day at the office (I'm a social worker) and the only meal I got to eat today was dinner because I actually had a bit of an appetite (grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup, ginger ale)."

"My husband thought it would be cute/hilarious to Dutch oven me the second I crawled into bed this evening, and hold me under the covers for more than 10 seconds."

"I ended up vomiting EVERYWHERE because of the smell."

"If you drink beer, you know what beer farts smell like. Vomit got all over the sheets, comforter, bedside table, myself, him, and the carpet."

"Well, he finally let me go after that and started yelling at me that I made a mess while I was still heaving and taking off my pajamas so I could take a shower and wash the vomit out of my hair."

"I just screamed back at him to clean it and that it was his fault. His response? He's not cleaning it because it's 'gross' and it was MY vomit."

"I slammed the bathroom door, called him an a** and told him I was carrying HIS child and have been feeling like sh*t this whole pregnancy. I just went into the shower and washed myself off, not hearing a response from him."

"After I got out of the shower and dressed myself in clean pajamas, I noticed he was gone. I texted him, He went to his sister's house and told her what had happened."

"I texted her and she told me it was a prank and I was being a b*tch to him and got too upset."

"I'm fuming right now. AITA?"

Strangers on the internet were asked to declare one of the following:

  • NTA - Not The A**hole
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  • ESH - Everyone Sucks Here
  • NAH - No A**holes Here

Redditors were confounded as to why her husband would do such a thing.

"Who the f'k thinks it's okay to hold their partner bodily under the covers for 10 seconds to fart in their face, at all? My GF would be pissed if I did that to her, rightfully so, and she isn't pregnant."

"NTA." – HoldFastO2

"NTA. Who the f'k dutch ovens their pregnant wife? Also I'm pretty sure if your pregnant wife vomits after a 12 he shift, you should clean it up regardless of whether or not you caused it." – Bogg99

"As a currently pregnant person myself, that's the type of smell that gets stuck in your brain. It will literally haunt you for weeks."

"She will probably vomit many more times just at the memory of it. Ugh, I am so sorry, OP!" – Muddy_Wafer

"In my opinion if someone is sick enough to be vomiting they should go lay down and recover when they're done while someone who loves them cleans up."

"It's just one of those things you do for people you care about. I've been throwing up this week because I'm super sick and having to clean myself because I live alone."

"I've definitely not done a great job with the post vomit tears in my eyes and have had to reclean several times." – Zukazuk

Here's the thing about pranks.

"I think posts like this are making me increasingly anti-prank."

"It's like there's this idiot group of people walking around like 'yes I should get to make people's lives worse for fun.'"

"Edit: hard agree with everyone saying that it's only a good joke if everyone is laughing by the end, or that pranks confuse rather than hurting."

"What I'm really ticked about is the like 'you're overreacting, it was just a prank.' Yeah, being an a**hole to somebody isn't any more justifiable because you thought you'd get a giggle out of it. Pranks are not sacred."

"We all f'k up and hurt the people we love sometimes but saying 'actually you are in the wrong because I expected to derive pleasure from your pain, but now you are in too much pain for me to have fun so I'm mad at you' is highkey callous." – Neurotic_Bakeder

"I think people have this super skewed idea of what pranks are funny now. Covering things in google eyes, wrapping stuff, replacing pictures with dogs and stuff. That's funny."

"I think a lot of pranks are really just narcissistic tendencies coming out, or an excuse to cause harm." – katlyn_alice

"Or perhaps more accurately, realize that more and more people can't tell the difference between a 'harmless' prank that doesn't harm anyone and the recipient can laugh about, versus a 'dumb' stunt that is likely to cause harm, or at least upsets/embarasses/etc the recipient."

"The Dutch oven stunt is not something you pull on someone nauseous, let alone pregnant." – Lilpanda20

Overall, Redditors thought the husband's practical joke was not funny, and his reaction to the OP's physical response was even more childish.