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Police Shut Down 3,000-Person Game Of Hide And Seek At IKEA Store

Police Shut Down 3,000-Person Game Of Hide And Seek At IKEA Store
Nicolas Liponne/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Think of the most epic group game you could possibly play and then multiply that by 100.

And then think of the most intense buzz kill you could ever experience and multiply that by 10,000.

That is what happened at an Ikea store in Glasgow, Scotland on August 31st.

Five Scotland Yard officers stuck around the Ikea in Glasgow, Scotland in fierce apprehension that some 3,000 people who clicked "attending" on a Facebook event for a rousing game of hide-and-seek would actually show up and wreak havoc inside the store.

Ultimately, no game took place.

But police were on high alert, reportedly "stopping everyone who look[ed] like they [were] here for a game of hide and seek," said one customer, Lewis Phillips.

But not for lack of trying—apparently, playing hide-and-seek in European Ikeas is something of a fashion.

Elise De Rijck, a blogger from Belgium, worked with her local Ikea to make a hide-and-seek game happen for her 30th birthday.

However, this particular Ikea staff were not amused and phoned police once they became aware of the Facebook event.

In successful hide-and-seek games, players hide in every piece of furniture imaginable, from couch cushions to bed frames and from desk drawers to refrigerators.

We think we can all agree when we say to Scotland Yard: Way to ruin the fun.

Perhaps the trend of playing hide-and-seek in Ikea will make its way to the United States sooner rather than later.

Or, ya know those Costco shelves look pretty inviting...

If you think your hide-and-seek game is topnotch, you still can't defeat the champion. Get their commemorative shirthere.



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