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Piers Morgan Is Getting Dragged After Criticizing Non-Binary Sam Smith For Wearing Menswear

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for BAFTA LA; Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic via Getty Images

No one is surprised when Piers Morgan is problematic, but we all are a bit more disappointed each time.

After Sam Smith came out as non-binary, Piers Morgan decided to add his voice—a voice that literally nobody ever asked for—to the conversation.

Morgan tweeted the following in response to Sam Smith's stunning outfit in Madrid:

Aside from, once again, literally nobody asking—Morgan's concept of gender identity is way off.

Gender identity and clothing, much like oil and water, are completely separate concepts.

And besides, anybody who has followed Sam Smith has seen their gender-non-conforming wardobe choices.

Morgan's statement is ignorant.

So of course, Twitter was all over him in an instant.

Some people like Morgan are determined to find the flaws in everybody's expression of themselves.

But thankfully people continue to challenge these problematic viewpoints.

Ideas about gender roles are so wrapped up in completely unsubstantial concepts, that we must continue to challenge them day in and day out.

Until we divorce gender from material objects, people like Sam Smith have a lot of haters like Piers Morgan ahead of them.

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