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Piers Morgan Ripped After Claiming 'Succession' 'Sucks' Without 'Hot Sizzling Meat' Logan Roy

The broadcaster had fans of the hit HBO show up in arms with his hot take on the absence of Brian Cox.

Piers Morgan; Brian Cox
Karwai Tang/WireImage; Borja B. Hojas/WireImage

WARNING: potential spoilers for Succession

Must be a slow news week over at Piers Morgan's show Piers Morgan Uncensored, because he's been on Twitter complaining about HBO's Succession.

And veganism, for whatever reason.

Morgan, it seems, is not a fan of the show now that central character Logan Roy, played by actor Brian Cox, has passed away halfway through the show's final season.

He took to Twitter to complain about it in the kind of bizarre, non-sensical, weirdly sexual way that only Piers Morgan could manage, and fans of the show are not having it.

See his very odd hot take below.

Morgan wrote:

"Succession without Logan Roy sucks. Got to Ep 7 and really struggling to maintain interest."
"It's become vegan TV ... missing the hot sizzling meat."

It kind of seems like Morgan might be watching a different show, because as any Succession fan will tell you, the show has been every bit as thrilling than it was before Cox filmed his final episode.

Maybe even more so.

Devoid of their iconic dad's leadership, Logan Roy's kids Kendall, Roman and Shiv—played by Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook respectively—are doing a shockingly bad job of captaining their dad's company, to the extent they're staring down potential legal troubles with the federal government.

Meanwhile, every personal relationship between the characters is falling apart along the way—especially Shiv and her husband Tom whose epic balcony battle in last week's episode is the stuff Emmy clips are made of.

It's been riveting to watch and the show's fandom hasn't seemed to lose one bit of interest. Maybe now that there's not an angry, bloviating Boomer at its center, Morgan just doesn't get it?

In any case, Succession fans weren't having Morgan's bizarre "hot sizzling meat" take on Succession's final episodes.

Given Rupert Murdoch is the inspiration for Logan Roy and also Piers Morgan's boss, it's hard not to wonder if there's some desperation at play here.

Piers, if you're reading this—just like Logan Roy and his sons—Rupert Murdoch will never truly love you.

It's okay. Let it go.