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People Share The Craziest Times They've Seen Someone Overshare TMI On Social Media

People Share The Craziest Times They've Seen Someone Overshare TMI On Social Media

Sigh...THEY'RE posting again...and as usual you know way more about them than you truly ever wanted to. You're already picturing someone, aren't you? Unfortunately, they're everywhere, and they must be stopped.

u/Feixuen asked:

What's the worst case of over-sharing you've experienced on social media?

Here were some cringey examples.



Two active duty soldiers who are married to each other, with completely open facebook pages start airing their drama about cheating on each other. Each admitting that they cheated on each other, how they are going f*ck each over in the divorce.

Their CO was on their facebook page, so was the garrison commander.

Both got UCMJ action for adultery.

But wait, it gets better. They were ordered to cease talking about the proceedings on social media.

What do they both do? They go to social media, continue to brag about cheating on each other AND put their commander, garrison commander, and respective JAG lawyers on BLAST.

They are both no longer in the Army, and yes they are divorced. It was truly epic, and they kept b*tching about their punishment, and everything. They basically both started digging a hole and didn't f*cking stop until they got to hell. They then b*tched about how f*cked they are.


A Saga

My half-sister. Every trashy detail of every trashy moment of her trashy life ends up on FB. Or it did before she blocked me for calling her on her bullshit. The final straw for me and my brother was when she posted "Well, my mom wouldn't send me money, so I'm homeless and freezing to death (it was September in North Carolina), I slept with some dude for money and now I'm pregnant." My step mother refused to send her money for drugs, she was homeless for stealing from her former roommates for drug money. She had also faked several pregnancies for drug money and sympathy. I can't say I'm sorry in the least that she blocked me before I could block her.


Defined By A Partner

Someone I used to work with posts a picture of her and her boyfriend every day on instagram with some lovey dovey caption at the bottom, and a count of how many days they've been together. Every month they celebrate their "anniversary".

When they broke up, she deleted every photo with both of them in it, leaving about only 3 photos left on her account.

She got a new boyfriend about a month later, and now she does the same thing with this new guy, and I swear to god I think she's been reusing some of the old captions she made of the old bf.


Unexpected Endings

Some guy I worked with constantly posted about his and his wife's fights. Every little detail of what was said, and what happened after. I think we he wanted us to sympathize with him but he came off as an *ss in most of the posts. Before I friended him on facebook he seemed pretty chill. But after reading those posts (which on some days came once an hour), I was worried that we'd get news that he murdered her and I started to avoid him at work.

After I moved on to another job I unfriended him. But a few years later, out of morbid curiosity I went to check his profile and they were still married and had two more kids.


The Worst Kind Of People


I was in the airport on my way home from another continent when I was scrolling through Facebook and read my aunt's post (not a message, but a Facebook status) about how my grandpa (who I was going home to stay with for a couple months) died that morning. Called my mom, who had apparently asked all family members to wait 24h before posting anything on social media so that I could have been told in person. My whole family was livid at this aunt for a while.

3 years later, my uncle (a brother to my mom and this aunt) died unexpectedly in the middle of the night. His adult daughter happened to be traveling to their house that day from her out-of-town home, so her mom asked all family to refrain from posting anything on social media until the daughter arrived so that she could tell her in person (and also prevent her from driving while distraught). The aforementioned aunt decided to ignore this request again, and my poor cousin read about her dad's death in a Facebook post when she stopped for breakfast.


Just An Entire Mess

I will never forget this post.

Old restaurant coworker, followed him because all of his life drama would go down on Facebook. People posting to his wall about how he stole a child's bike and ruined her birthday, his mom calling him out for drug relapses and stealing from her. All on facebook!

When he broke up with another old coworker, he took to facebook. He wrote a wall of text calling her every name in the book, talking about how he was going to miss her daughter, then finished with something close to this: "Good luck finding another guy willing to put up with your fish market smelling lady business."


A Most Unusual Color

A Facebook friend of mine posted that she was worried because her 15 year old sons right hand had begun turning a strange brown/orange color. There were pictures. She'd made a doctors appointment. She then explained it was because he was using his sister's tanning lotion. Only she didn't seem to realize the reason only his right hand was tan and not the rest of his body! So, she let all of Facebook know her son jacked off using tanning lotion.


Non Validation Life

When my son was first diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins lymphoma I was texting with my mom while we were in the ER. My son asked that she not spread the news. So of course, the next day she sent out a family-wide email detailing everything, plus her own theories and conclusions. I got a call from my daughter who was stationed in Japan and was frantic. This was the first I had heard about the email because she didn't include me (because I was at ground zero, as it were). So I called my mom up and basically tore her a new one. Her reply was that it was just to family, but I told her that she wasn't supposed to tell ANYONE. She even told my 96-year-old grandmother, which could have killed her (but didn't). She later told me that my dad chewed her out too. So now I don't tell her anything unless it's past any crucial time. I can understand her wanting to get the word out for prayers and thoughts, but I don't live on the outside of my skin, looking for validation from social media.

Btw, my son is doing just fine, in remission for 2 1/2 years now.


A Serious Oversight

This was obviously a mistake but a few months ago I saw a guy on Linkedin who was sharing practically his entire employment and education history. He was attaching letters of recommendation and emails praising his work from supervisors. He added a couple of documents for his education and one of them was his school transcript. This transcript had his full name and social security number at the top.


Unfollowing Can Be Healthy


During his last weeks my grandfather was really unwell. He was a proud man at least with regards to his appearance and didn't like people seeing him so poorly.

The day he died my cousin put a photograph on Facebook of her son hugging him. Titled it 'pop's last hug'.

It's an uncomfortable picture. The boy has an expression that reads "I have been told to smile for the camera so here's a grimace" and my grandfather just isn't there in it at all.

I was pissed. He'd have hated to have that picture tor for everyone to see.

Even taking the picture was tasteless but sure whatever, but uploading it was disgusting. I silenced her recently after more uncomfortable oversharing. It isn't healthful for me to see her nonsense.


Chlamydia And Cousins

My cousin, asking her Facebook followers what she's supposed to tell the health department when she receives calls asking for the contact information of all the partners she's recently had sex with since she was diagnosed with chlamydia. In the comments, she went on to explain that she didn't even know some of the names of these men, let alone their phone numbers. The entire thing was her ranting about how annoying it was, along with asking for advice on what to tell the health department.

My first thought was damn girl, get your life together. My second thought was damn girl, ever heard of Google?!


Countdown To A Meltdown

A friend from the past completely melted down over a couple month period after visiting his family across country and deciding that his mother, who was battling cancer, wasn't being treated right by the rest of the family. He completely went at it with everyone and no topic or accusation was off limits.

And he was clearly in the wrong, completely off his rocker, and his family were just a bunch of regular people. One by one he called people out and publicly tried shaming them by spilling all sorts of past events etc. And one by one these people would eventually tell him off and suggest he get help and then block his ass. And he would just go harder on the next person. It became so f*cking ugly that myself and others just unfriended the guy because we couldn't watch it anymore. I've never seen anything like it before and doubt I will again. Complete sh*tshow.


This Is Why We Communicate

This person asked me to hook them up with my friend. I did, and the next day they proceeded to post on social media in detail everything they didn't like about having sex with them.

Like, it caused a lot of drama, some people saying it was their right to post it, others saying it was gross and over sharing. My friend felt totally humiliated and had no idea anything went wrong, because there was no communication. Meanwhile I felt horrible and responsible, and I was just begging them to take it down. Resulted in the person deleting their account.

Ive just, never seen anything like that in my life.


Jerkface McGhee

Friend of mine: his mother in law passed away. Grieving father in law goes into depression and stops paying rent, gets evicted, starts getting passed around the kids/grandkids.

My buddy doesn't like it when it's his turn, after 3 days goes on a rant "hey daughter A! Why am I stuck with YOUR father! You can't stand him either? Someone has to come pick him up in 24 hours before I toss him on the street! Daughter B, do you know he walks around the neighborhood and gets lost? I had to find him three times already! Daughter C Come get your free loader!!!!!"

Yeah, it's called dementia -.-


Ah, Racist Relatives


A VERY ANGRY and *also OCCASIONALLY RACIST older relative WHO types LIKE THIS,,,and doesn't NO HOW TO SPEL OR PUNCTUATE2 (and who I couldn't block, because it would offend decent family I do like) posted a very long rant after a 3-month absence about "Facebook jail" and "f*ck the police".

Turns out, she had made very time and place specific violent threats about harming Michelle Obama (who she has also called a man, a monkey, and a transvestite prostitute, to give you a sense of how classy she is) because the former First Lady had the AUDACITY to visit a city of several million in the state that said relative lives in. That she lives 4 hours away from. And never visits. And b*tches regularly about. The Secret Service followed up, and Facebook suspended but did not delete her account.

Included with the rant were several pictures of her topless 75 year-old self wearing a confederate flag skirt, flipping off the camera while literally sh*tting on a picture of the Obama family.

I'm glad she did it, because Facebook then deleted her account.


To Cause A Downfall

To preface, my sister has always been self-obsessed, maladjusted, "woe is me, nobody understands me", moody, straight up batsh*t. Hella dramatic and no amount of attention anyone gives her will ever be enough for her.

She just recently went through a terrible breakup (he cheated on her and is a sociopath POS, but as always, 2 sides to every story and she's not blameless) and made a new Instagram account and posts the most painful, cringey poetry as a way to express her feelings towards men. It's like a middle schooler's diary...she's 30.

One of the worst,

"Don't promise to not hurt me Every guy that has promised they wouldn't hurt me hurt me. So don't promise you won't. And eventually when you do I won't have to call you out for breaking your promise to not hurt me...

This is how girls are ruined"

Always uses the hashtag #poetrybyme. Like, girl, I wouldn't be claiming that poem if I were you. My other sister and I get great laughs out of the terrible writing and my dad can't even talk about how absurd she is on social media. Hence why I rarely ever post on any platform now.


Who are your social media oversharers?